What Parent had to say

The food quality is very good. Today I had Paneer-Rice, Salad is sweet. Everything is cooked according to children's taste. Nutrition is concerned for that I am very much happy.

Suchitra Vurs m/o Samarth Vurs

Food was good and hygiene is good . Food is properly managed. I wish all the very best. Navika is also well adjustedand I hope to see her being fond of the school as well.

Presanna m/o Navika

The food is according to the taste of the children. I was skeptical about the spices used. But after tasting the food, I am assured that it is not spicy and is something that children can relish.

Mrs. I. Ganguly m/o Ardisman

I really liked the food. It has been made by keeping in mind all kids. I will try to make same type of food at home so that it matches with by son's taste. I can see my son is relishing the food here.

Ritu Anand m/o Akshul Anand

Nice food, very hygienic and of good taste combination of calories and nutrition. Best for the development of a child.

Vivek f/o Pulak

Food is just WOW and so kid-friendly. Thank you. Nutrition is guaranteed to the fullest.

Lekshmy m/o Abhinandam

Very healthy, nutritious and tasty food.

Nithya m/o Sharada

Very tasty and wholesome food. Perfect for children.

Gunjan m/o Arjun

Delicious and tastier. Apt for kids. "Consistency is the key factor.

Santosh f/o Surya Pradyumna

Food is as good as house food. Very delicious Rajma-rice and Semiya.

Anuparna m/o Arav

Nice food, healthy and hygienic. All the caretakers are very friendly.

R.Ravi kumar f/o Srivaishnavi

Food quality and taste is good. Not too sweet, salty or hot.

R. Subhashini m/o Ananth

Tomato soup is really nice and tangy. Really healthy for children.

Anupana m/o Arav

The food was good. Suitable for children.

Indrani Ganguly m/o Ardismau

The food is good and tasty in a non – spicy way.

Latha Dhanan jayar m/o Bhargav

The food is good and healthy for children.

Santosh kandala f/o Surya

The food is nice and tasty. Children love it they complete it.

Uma Mahesh f/o Narahani

The quality of the food is good and according to the taste of kids. I liked the food.

K.Sandhya m/o Ramya Saaketh

Food was Good. Happy to hear that good food. My child is enjoying new things.

Sarah Titus m/o Liz Elizabeth

I am happy with Kinderkare. The food provide by you are healthy & hygienic.

Rajesh f/o Rishi

Spells quality is in every nook and corner – good going good luck and blessings.

Usha Reddy, Principal, The Meridian School