Why Kinder Kare

Peace Of Mind Advantage

Kinderkare's ideal location, secure premises, safe and child-friendly environment, child safe and age appropriate toys and equipment, attractive ambience, hygienic and nutritious food, committed management and loving care of the experienced staff makes this the choice of the parents and children alike.

The facility meets high standards for security, cleanliness, teaching and attention to children's needs. Even our toilets are KID SIZE, complete with preschool size washbasins, water closets, etc. The spacious air-conditioned interiors are complemented by an ample outdoor space with Jungle Jims, Splash pool, Sand pit, etc.

We have also an established relationship with The Pacific Medical Center, Rd no 36 Jubilee Hills for all our emergent medical needs. We think of our relationship with the families we serve as a very special trust; therefore we believe the best way to meet the expectations of our clientele is to work closely with them to provide a warm, nurturing environment. We have daily communication to the parents which amplify the activities, food etc for the entire day of your child while at Kinderkare.

The age appropriate structured curriculum assures that children are nurtured socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually, and develop into complete and well-rounded individuals. This approach offers parents peace of mind. In the long run, Peace of mind leads to a happy balance between career and family life, a balance that is becoming more and more important to today's parents.

After all, you are with the leader.